The SWAN Sock – Increasing while knitting circular

Well, I’ve been busy lately learning how to use my video camera, download videos, edit videos, and do lots of other video STUFF. I’ve made lots of mistakes, and I’m still learning.

However, I have one short video for my followers, because I’ve also been working on knitting the SWAN (Sock Without A Name) © sock by Lucy Desgray using a flat-bed knitting machine and ribber combination to knit a circular sock that is fairly seamless. I’ve been trying to knit socks on the machine that I find comfortable for a long time, and when I saw the instructions for the SWAN sock, I was pretty sure I’d struck gold. Lucy’s pattern includes a “gusset” adding more height/width at that point where the top of the foot joins the ankle for those of us who have a high instep.

Lucy’s instructions (all 31 pages) cover different methods of knitting these socks, and her instructions are good. However, I found myself jumping back and forth between the different methods, because each set of instructions contained nuances that I needed to reference. So I wrote my own instructions and used Knitter’s Tool Chest to do all of the calculations required.  Because of copyright laws, I’m not able to share my version of the instructions with you, my readers. The problem is that I have no way to assure myself that you have paid Lucy for a copy of her original pattern unless I can ask you personally to answer a question by quoting from her pattern. So, please contact me if you want my copy, and I’ll ask you to quote from her instructions. If you can send the correct answer, I’ll send you a copy of what I’ve written.

Still, I feel I can share with you certain crucial explanations of steps where you might need clarification. One of those steps is included here. I have made a short video showing the process of circular knitting increase on a flat bed knitting machine with ribber for the gussets while knitting in the round. Please forgive this first attempt, but I hope you can gain knowledge by seeing it.

You can find it HERE.

SWAN Sock SchemaThe SWAN Sock schematic.

The tools shown in this photo are important in making the SWAN sock:

Labeled SWAN Sock Tools